Across the Aisle

Across the Aisle

Across the Aisle is an award winning performing arts criticism podcast based in Melbourne. Monthly, hosts Carla and Philip each choose a show to attend and discuss them in depth. During the episodes “intermission” Carla and Phil talk about their favourite pop culture moments of the previous month and in “coming soon” they highlight upcoming shows, exhibitions, films, anything culture related for their audience.

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    Ep 44 - The Legend of Queen Kong Episode II, The Maids

    This month Team Aisle go gayer and queerer than usual with our annual Midsumma show. We cover Sara Ward's incredible space rock opera The Legend of Queen Kong Episode II and our second show is Adam Ibrahim and Samuel Russo's queering of Jean Genet's The Maids.

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    Ep 43 - Infirmary

    Join us for a special episode covering The Infirmary - a Triage Live Art Collective immersive experience. This episode is told in the first person of our experience in surrendering to the process of death and care. We hope you enjoy it.

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    Ep 42 - Tash York - Bad Ass, Suddenly Last Summer

    It's summer! The gang bring you all summer related goods including how to be a Badass by Tash York at The Butterfly Club and Suddenly Last Summer by Little Ones Theatre at Red Stitch. During intermission we discuss the mini-series Waco and King Lear via National Theatre Live. Coming soon heralds Midsumma - top picks include Merciless Gods, The Legend of Queen Kong Ep II + The Homosapiens. Also there is Christian Marclay's 24 hour video piece The Clock at ACMI and MON FOMA, Sydney Festival.

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    Ep 41 - Song For A Weary Throat, Re-Member Me

    Melbourne International Arts Festival episode! The gang talk all things festival - featuring Song For a Weary Throat by Rawcus Ensemble (and featuring the Invenio Singers) and Re-Member Me by Dickie Beau. Intermission chats include the Elysian Ensemble and Hubei Symphony Orchestra.

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    Ep 40 - Do You Know Me?, Spartacus

    This month the gang have two very disparate experiences - Do You Know Me? a site specific work on homelessness for Melbourne Fringe Festival and Spartacus, the brand new production of a very old tale by the Australian Ballet. During intermission MOMA at NGV a given D- and both hosts discuss their favourite works from the recent Fringe Festival. Coming soon recommends include classical music and visual art.

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    Ep 39 - Dybbuks, Blackie Blackie Brown

    The gang are joined by a very special guest Richard Watts, Australia's pre-eminent arts journalist, arts advocate and homosexualist, together they cover Samarah Hersch's Dybbuks at Theatreworks and Nakkiah Lui's Blackie Blackie Brown at the Malthouse Theatre.

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    Ep 38 - William Tell, The Death of Walt Disney

    The gang go and see William Tell by Victorian Opera and The Death of Walt Disney by MKA. We talk feudal hipster DILFS, gender non-binary opera representations, exploding apple fails, soprano sexism, our current favourite podcasts, the myths about lemmings and Korean garbage disposal.

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    Ep 37 - Verve, Carrion

    The gang see The Australian Ballet's latest contemporary dance piece "Verve" and Justin Shoulder's "Carrion" at Arts House, where the future human is a shapeshifting turtle. During intermission we revisit The Crown and Queer Eye and discuss snacking methods for festival season, our late MIFF picks and suggestions for stoner film experience

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    Ep 36 - The Nightingale and the Rose, Brothers Wreck

    The gang get dilated pupils of lust at Little Ones Theatre adaptation of Oscar Wilde's poem The Nightingale and the Rose - staged at Theatre Works. They then spend quality time with an Indigenous family rocked by suicide in Brothers Wreck at The Malthouse. Both performances affected our hosts quite deeply.

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    Ep 35 - De Stroyed, House of Bernarda Alba

    Jasmine Moseley of the The Australian Ballet joins us for Intermission and Coming Soon - featuring the Head On Photo Festival and virtual reality in Canberra. This month's shows discussed are De Stroyed by Jillian Murray and Suzanne Chaundy Director at fortyfivedownstairs and The House of Bernarda Alba - an Australian reimagining of the Federico Garcia Lorca play, by Patricia Cornelius and Leticia Ines Caceres at Melbourne Theatre Company.

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